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1 T McDonald confirmed

2 D McDonald confirmed

3 D McDonald confirmed

4 B Carreiro confirmed

5 R Carreiro confirmed

6 T Carpenter confirmed

7 S Karr confirmed

8 J Coats confirmed

9 S Arronson confirmed

10 J Hare confirmed

11 Sean Rice confirmed

12 J Clause confirmed

13 A Clause confirmed

14 J Blackburn confirmed

15 M Benedtto confirmed

16 G Tarsitano confirmed

17 R Walters confirmed

18 J Bloomfield confirmed

 19 J Ornelas confirmed 

20 D Ornelas confirmed 

21` S Tucker confirmed

22 J Tucker confirmed

23 E Neumeyer confirmed

24 A Neumeyer confirmed

25 B Carpenter confirmed

26 M Faraoni confirmed 

27 Y Famuyiwa confirmed

28 J Johnson confirmed

29 S Alvarez confirmed

30 M Alvarez confirmed

31 L Osborne confirmed

32 N Osborne confirmed

33 R White confirmed

34 M White confirmed  

35 K Westfall confirmed

36 B Arvizu confirmed 


1 Thom Emery

2 Kathy Emery

3 Bill Emery

4 Janet Profetia 

4 James Emery

5 Lori Emery

6 David Nutley

7 Colby Tarsitano 

8 Katy Emery

9  Tonie Nutley

Event Sanctioning 

1 Merl Whitebook

2 Carol Whitebook

3 Kelly MacIntosh

4 Kathleen MacIntosh


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Kyle Emery places in the money at The First Stagecoach Music Fest Cook Off

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