Catering and Pop Up BBQ Sales

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Comment by Thom Emery on October 8, 2014 at 6:42am

Comment by BBQ Thom on a iPhone on November 3, 2014 at 6:05am

Stagecoach BBQ

Staff /Table Captains

With Field wristbands and Lot 12B  Parking off Monroe St 

Government  Picture ID Required to claim wristbands

1 Thom Emery Staff lot 12 parking

2 Kathy Emery Staff lot12

3 Katy Emery-Santos Scorekeeper LIVE and Chili Lot 12

4 Kelly Mcintosh IBCA lot12

5 Kathleen Mcintosh IBCA

6 Bill Emery Staff lot12

7 Janet Profeta 

8 Jennifer Grutz TC lot12

9 Dan Ronchetti TC

10 Fred Bland TC Lot12

11 Michael Sanchez Receiving Table Lot12

12 Adolfo Sanchez Sorting Table

LIVE JUDGES IBCA and Chili Table Captains 

1 Brad Mascho Time keeper LIVE Lot12

2 Lisa Mascho Camera LIVE

3 Angela Bonner Team Hickory and Spice

4 Joshua Bonner Team Hickory and Spice w/ lot 12

5 Brian Carreiro TC lot12

6 Rachel Carreiro TC

7 Gerald Sharon Kentucky Rib Expert Lot12

8 Gesa Sharon Married to Kentucky Rib Boss

9 James Emery Staff Lot12

10 Lori Emery Staff Photo

11 Jason Blackburn TC lot12

12 Michelle Faraoni TC

Plus BBC and Goldenvoice Staff

Comment by Thom Emery on March 30, 2015 at 11:37am

Team Load in and map locations 

     Head Cooks and Judges will be emailed instructions for wristband registration 

     READ Directions Hours Stagecoach Credentials are open are posted below on this blog 

     Assign your one LOT 12B parking  pass to the team member who will miss the load in time

     LOT 12B is a event worker parking lot for your chase vehicle located off Monroe St 

     There will be no IN/Outs from our area this year

      we have VERY little extra parking in BBQ World

      So please don't ask for another parking pass

      Wristbands are claimed with a valid ID at the Indian Wells Tennis Stadium

       Map below in this blog 

     They put the wristband on your wrist 

      This is located at Washington St and Miles Ave follow the signs to credentials 


       I emailed the preferred load in map to all the teams 

       The map will also posted below in this blog 

    Load in at  1, 2 or 3 PM as appointed by your row

Teams will be sent in groups of 4

Arriving at the BBC Vendor gate at Clinton and Ave 52 from the West 

secondary use Lot 12 is entered from Monroe St 

Front Row Taste of BBQ Picket Fence line 1 PM Load In 

20 front 50 deep…. it must fit 20 wide 50 deep

West to East

1 Meat Inc, Hawaiian Drum Sticks, 30 Amp RV

2 Infinite Smoke BBQ, Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños 30 Amp RV

3 Pig Pusher, Bacon Wrapped Pineapple, Grilled Vegitarian Pineapple 30 Amp RV

4 Smokey Bones BBQ, Pig Shots 20 Amp Household plug 

5 Ol' Blue BBQ, Pig Candy, TriTip 20 Amp Household plug

6 Smokin' Moe's, Pulled Pork Natchos 30 Amp RV

7 Master of Disaster, Fireball Drum Sticks, Smoked Sausage Links 20 Amp Household plug

8 Dia De Los Puercos, Tamale Tartlet 20 Amp Household plug

9 IAB 30 BBQ, Rib Tips, Pork Burnt Ends 30 Amp RV 

10 Twisted Brisket BBQ, Twisted Chick, Twist Brisk, Pig Pepper Candy 20 Amp household plug

2nd Row 50 Amp Area

20X60 spaces West to East

11 BBQ Babes 50 Amp RV

12 Smoke in your Is BBQ 50 Amp RV

13 999 BBQ 50 Amp RV

14 Kyle Emery 50 Amp RV

Judges Tent 40X40 2 20 amp household plugs

15 Event Office 50 Amp RV

16 Staff Brother Bill 30 Amp RV

Second Row West to East

20X30 Parking 2PM Load In from La Quinta

20 wide 30 deep

17A Toys 4 BBQn 30 Amp RV

17B Zzyzx BBQ 30 AMP RV

18A Loot and Booty 30 Amp RV

18B Lucky 13 Barbecue 30 Amp RV

19A Rio Bravo BBQ 30 Amp RV

19B D Blacks Smokin Que 30 Amp RV

Third Row  West to East

Back Fence 20X50 3PM Load In 

20 When Pigs Fly Vendor RV Parking (Early Load in) 50 Amp RV

21 Lowbelly BBQ Vendor RV Parking (Early Load in) 50 Amp RV

22 Piggy Bank BBQ 30 Amp RV

23 Smokin Me 30 Amp RV

24 Corn Fed BBQ 30 Amp RV

25 Hickory Spice 30 Amp RV

26 Stacked Racks 30 Amp RV

27 Greesy Reesy's 30 Amp RV

28 Shenanigans BBQ 30 Amp RV

29 Dirty Harrys BBQ 30 Amp RV

30 All About the Q 30 Amp RV

31 Pure BS  30 Amp RV 

32 parking

33 parking 

Comment by Thom Emery on March 30, 2015 at 11:45am

Information list 

1 Riverside Co Health Dept will be requiring screen walls 

  on the meat prep and serving EZ Ups for front row Taste of BBQ teams

2 A solid back wall on the EZ Up blocking vision from the front picket fence 

   to the back of your team site is HIGHLY recomeneded also for front row teams


4 Each team Head Cook will receive 4 ticket vouchers that are exchanged for individually coded          wristbands No more vouchers are available to teams,

Exception the large Full Vend Teams will get more wristbands 

5 Fire Extinguisher requirements below The City will shut your booth down with out the proper unit

   Desert Fire Ext. will be on site Thursday to update certs for $15 and rebuild those that need it for more 

6 Teams buy 300  2 ounce Cups at a $300 cost 

 These 2 ounce Cups are sold at $3.00 you keep all of the $ you bring in 

7 Taste of BBQ cups may contain only the following  Chicken or Rib or Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket

   or your pre approved Chefs Choice item Listed by team

8 Taste of BBQ Chefs Choice items are exclusive and on a pre approved basis, see entry form

9 Additional Taste of BBQ Cups will be available during the weekend 

10 IBCA Texas Style will be three categories Half Chicken, Spare Ribs, Beef Brisket slices

IBCA Rules>

READ THE RULES for the Saturday IBCA Contest

10 LIVE Judging will be on site Friday 

Starting at 1230 

Friday Full Vend teams first


11 Friday LIVE judging 
Judged in row order based on coin flip at 

Cooks meeting 

Saturday IBCA turn in times 
Half Chicken 1230 
Pork Spare Ribs 130
Beef Briskets Slices 230 
(No Burnt Ends)
Awards for Friday and Saturday both  at 430 pm on Saturday

Sunday Outlaw Chili

Quart Cups will be supplied 
turn in 1230 awards 430 pm

Comment by Thom Emery on March 30, 2015 at 11:49am

NOTE Thursday Desert Fire Extinguisher will be on site to up date your certification for

$15 if it requires no rebuild just a new cert 

Cheaper than going to Home Depo for a new unit 


                Fire Prevention Office


                                                  46-990 Jackson Street · Indio, California 92201 ·   


               Dale Frailey                 

               Fire Marshal   

Coachella Music Festival & Stagecoach Music Festival


The City of Indio Fire Services/Riverside County Fire Department would like to welcome you as participants to the Coachella Music Festival & Stagecoach Music Festival.  We hope your stay in Indio will be a pleasant one.

The City of Indio Fire Services/Riverside County Fire Department will conduct fire inspections for all concessions, and enforce fire protection standards for the Festival.  Inspections will consist of certifying that all participants in the Festival have met the required standards.  All concessions and exhibits will be inspected on or before opening day.  Those exhibits and concessions, which do not meet the minimum fire safety standards on the day of inspection, will be required to comply prior to conducting business.

The following is a list of the most common fire safety violations that the fire inspectors will be checking for:

  1. Minimum of one (1) fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 2A10BC, with a California State Fire Marshal approved service tag that reflects a current inspection date, shall be required for each concession using any type of open flame device.  The inspection date shall be within the last twelve months.
  2. Multi-plug connections, frayed/broken electrical extension cords, or cords with less than 12-gage wiring are prohibited.
  3. All L.P.G. tanks (empty or full) shall be secured with a small chain or other approved device and kept a safe distance from open flame.  L.P.G. tanks can be placed into plastic milk crates for protection.
  4. Cooking that requires the use of a deep fat fryer(s) shall provide a minimum of one Class K portable fire extinguisher. Class K extinguisher shall be a minimum of 1.5 gallon in capacity.
  5. No portable generators will be allowed.  All power needed for your booth shall be provided by the event electrical contractor. 
  6. Outdoor cooking that produces sparks or grease-laden vapors shall not be performed inside the booths.
  7. All cooking devices shall be in good working condition. All cooking equipment shall be restricted to UL approved commercial cooking appliances only.
  8. All cooking devices shall be on a flat stable surface.
  9. If wood, charcoal or any other type of approved solid burning material is utilized, the material shall be stored away from any combustible material and usage shall be confined to a cooking device designed for such use/material. All hot material shall be disposed of in a proper container designed for the hot material. Hot material shall not be stored near combustible material. There shall be a method in place to prevent any combustible material from coming in direct contact with the discarded hot material.
  10. Portable vendor carts shall be prohibited from the use of any combustible liquid or gas fuel for the purpose of providing lighting to said carts.

Please remember that the City of Indio Fire Services/Riverside County Fire Department’s primary concern is your safety.  If these fire safety rules are followed we should have a safe and enjoyable Music Festival.  If you have any questions, please call the Indio Fire Prevention office at (760) 347-0756.




Captain Dale Frailey

Fire Marshal

Rev. 3/10

Comment by Thom Emery on March 30, 2015 at 5:24pm

Prize money for the three contests below

Friday LIVE $2000 for the catergory

1st $600 Gold Record

2nd $400

3rd $300

4th $300

5th $100

6th $100

7th $100

8th $100

Saturday IBCA BBQ 

Half Chickens, Pork Spare Ribs, Beef Brisket 

all three 

1st $300 Gold Record

2nd $200

3rd $100

4th $100

5th $50

6th $50

7th $50

8th $50

9th $50

10th $50 

Reserve Champion 

$500 Gold Record

Grand Champion 

$1500 Gold Record

Sunday Outlaw Chili 

1st $300 Gold Record

2nd $200

3rd $100

4th $100

5th $50

6th $50

7th $50

8th $50

9th $50

10th $50 

Comment by Mike Lindley on April 19, 2015 at 4:26pm

Hi Thom, is this the most current load in schedule? I see the date doesn't change when you post an update email. Just checking...Mo

Above is the current load in

The change was we dropped the stop at Wendys, Wal Mart stop 

Ave 52 at Clinton there is a large lot for staging vendors and bbq teams 

Load in times are still the same 

Comment by Michael Gayler on April 20, 2015 at 1:08am

Thom, quick question....can our people park in the GA area if they are not staying overnight on sit?

If General Admission Parking has no requirements for stickers yes 

We will have to confirm that 

People that bought GA tickets were not issued parking passes 

GA Parking is not for overnight parking 

Comment by Thom Emery on April 20, 2015 at 10:02am

Comment by Thom Emery on April 20, 2015 at 10:10am

Lots of questions answered on the link 


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