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Golden State Championship, Hesperia Saturday, 10 April 2010

This Third Annual California Golden State Championship at Hesperia
will feature 30 traveling professional level BBQ teams.
The public will be able to try the BBQ themselves by
purchasing 2OZ "Tastes" for $2 from the teams.
The competition turn in schedule is
11AM Chicken, 12 Ribs,1PM Pork Shoulder and 2PM Beef Brisket.
Just after each of the listed times that particular type of BBQ will be available.
Example if your a Rib…

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Stagecoach April 24 and 25, 2010

Teams List
Rocky Mt Road Kill
Kyle's BBQ
Meat Inc
Rancho Rocke
Low Belly
Smokin Yankees
Meggie Moos BBQ
When Pigs Fly
Pipn Hot R
Pork U
Rib Ticklers
Rib Ticklers 2
Lotta Bull*
Big Poppas…

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Nice lil catering Gig in La Quinta

We did the Ribfest
Kent Westfall helped me with this one
Kathy and Katy helped with the food service line

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Sold our Klose

Sure going to miss that one

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Our Texas Pit

We bought JayBirds Bates Pit

Going to add a FEC 100 and a Diamond Grill to her

These pictures are of a identical pit

We added a Diamond Grill and a front deck to this… Continue

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King of the Best Booth Keith Caroselli passes

At 2 am this morning Longtime Contest Cook for both Chili and BBQ Keith Caroselli passed
He will be remembered as the King of the Best Booth Competition winning that category
at almost every competition he entered

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Stagecoach 09 is at 53 teams

BBQ Bullies Tim Hoffman

Road Kill BBQ Team Keith Caroselli

The Rub Company Ryan Chester

155 South Bar-B-Q Bram Britcher

All Hogs Go to Heaven Steve Madaule

Rusty Barrel BBQ Tim McDonald

The Smokepranos Jason Fisher

When Pigs Fly Dale Ginos

All Sauced Up Dave Malone

JaJa Jerry Armstrong

Blake's BBQ Mike Blake

A Series of Small Fires Michael Chalukian

Here's the Rub Ed Brisendine

Rib Tickler BBQ Larry Schroeder

7 Kinds of Smoke… Continue

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Hesperia Golden State Championship


A few people needed to find the entry form
So I made it easy
See you there

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2009 Palm Desert Results

2009 Palm Desert Results IBCA Unofficial results

GC Rib Ticklers

RC Chubby Hubby


1. Big Daddy’s

2. Notley Q

3. 7 & Kinds of Smoke

4. Whiskey Ranch

5. Smoken Yankees

6. VRM

7. Here’s the Rub

8. Rusty Barrel

9. Burnt by the Best

10. Chubby Hubby

11. Tex- A- Q


1. 7 Kinds of Smoke

2. Slap Yo Daddy

3. Rib tickler

4. Big Daddy

5. Win Pigs Fly

6. Chubby Hubby

7.… Continue

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Cooking Palm Desert This Weekend

I am cooking at Palm Desert this weekend against my Son Kyle
We have always been on the same team and this will be the first time
to cook separate. Dont think I like it thus far.

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Monica of Otis and The Bird

Sad News, Monica of Otis and The Bird has passed on

Jay her devoted Husband asks that any gifts in her memory go to Cancer Sucks in her name

Scottie Johnson of Cancer Sucks will be at Stagecoach

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Golden State Championship Entry Forms are up


Get it in and save...........................
Note Entry is $100 late $150
If you want to do The Taste of Championship BBQ there is a $50 fee

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The KCBS Organizers Round Table was.........

The KCBS Organizers Round Table in Nashville was an information-filled two hours.
KCBS and MMA staff did a wonderful job of bringing together a diverse group of event organizers for the session.
Organizers wishing to network with other Organizers drop me a note in my in box and I will forward information about the new Organizers Network Forum

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We are going to Nashville this weekend

Yes going to the KCBS Annual Meeting in Nashville.
Hopefully Gene will be added to the BoD.
They have asked me to be on the panel of contest organizers
(Short one smart A$$ I guess)
at the Organizers Round Table meeting.
My Friend Arlie Bragg will take us on a short tour of the city
Sat Afternoon.
You Boys mind the Farm while I am gone
Don't forget to feed the Chickens

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We face uncertain times to be sure

I saw a poll today
It seems the majority of folks 68% I believe,
think the recession will last into 2011.

How will this affect you as a Team?
Will you limit the number of contests you do?
Would small entry fee, small prize money
and a nice Taste of Champ Que Money
be a way for us to have new contests?

My day job is taking more of my time to make less money
Which will affect what we can add to the Western Calendar.

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Golden State Championship Update


The Golden State Championship in Hesperia entry forms are above

Our set up plan will be very similar to 2008

The entry fee is $100 $150 if you wait around

Those choosing to do Taste of Championship BBQ will be on the park end of the street

The Non Taste Teams are near city hall

Everyone gets a 110… Continue

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Encouraging Words from many of you

Folks you dont know how much the encouraging words
I recently received mean to me
I just wanted to say thanks

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Stagecoach 2009 Frist Entry Deadline is today

We will publish a teams list Friday Night for the First Deadline group

These teams will be placed in the "BBQ Alley" (the area with teams on both sides)

This is where the PC contest really happens

Our Second Deadline group will be further South along the outside fence

The last group will be those Not Cooking PC and will be on the South end of the team line

This last area is not easy for the public to get to so is best the Non PC teams

The Judges Tents… Continue

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Back to the real world

After two weeks of "taking it easy" Its not too exciting to be going back to the grind.

Over the Holidays we did go to a new church and enjoyed the services a great deal.
Some of you may know that years ago I was on staff at a large church here.

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The Holiday Bowl

We took my Daughter Katy to see the Ducks put a hurtin on the Okie St Cowboys

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Thom and Kyles BBQ Catering

Kyle Emery places in the money at The First Stagecoach Music Fest Cook Off

Thom  can cater your next party in the Coachella Valley with Championship Style Barbeque just drop us a email

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