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Havasu Landing CA BBQ Championship 2015 27/28 March

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Judges Check In 9AM

Judges Meeting 930AM

First Turn In 11AM

1 Mike Hardin 72887
2 Sandra Hardin 72886
3 Jeff Johnson 60912
4 Ed Quisenberry 53778
5 Susan Quisenberry 70441
6 David Wilson 78027
7 Bob Richardson 71611

10 Robert Schnerch 58708
11 Bryan Rice 72915 12 Rob Rice 67597 13 Candice Rice. 72890
14 Scott Newcombe 57837
16 Mike Santigo 55681
17 Rhonda Santiago 75574
18 Edward Stevens 64578
20 Scott Shimano 66015
22 Lee Shimano 71915
23 Greg Sorah 70452
24 Cheryl Sorah 70453
25 Jim Clause 51015
25 Alexa Clause 62249
26 Larry Huizenga 61252
27 Wendy Sherwood 72555
28 Rick Sherwood 72554
29 Bruce Hubbard 53785
30 Kristen Hubbard 58783
32 Dean Richardson 71630
33 Joe De Bella 73122
34 Harry Hart 60945
35 Kay Spencer 65008 

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Teams paid RV Park, Small Team Space or LIVE Team Taste of BBQ Sales Area

RV No Taste Sales

1 Blazed n Glazed

2 Hickory Spice R

3 Butthead BBQ

4 Jet Coatings Monkey Style, Winner CBBQA Raffle

LIVE Teams

$2000 in LIVE Prize Money

Taste of BBQ Sales $1 $2 and $3 Tastes Cups

1  Cool Grilling 

2  Toys 4 BBQn 

3  Smokin Money R 

4  Lowbelly BBQ


6 Infinite Smoke

7 Dirty Harrys

8 Pit Crew of SoCal

9 IAB 30

10 DJs Smokin BBQ

11 Old School BBQ

12 Camp House BBQ

Small Space teams No Taste Sales 

1 Burnin and Looting 

2 Papa La Rue's BBQ R

3 Women Dig My Cooking R

4 Woody-Q R

5 Smokin Mo's

6 Porkateers

7 Mar-B-Que's BBQ

8 Kyles BBQ

9 Shenanigans

Comment by Thom Emery on December 12, 2014 at 10:19am

Prize Money for Havasu 

KCBS GC $1000 RGC $500 

Top Over all Rookies 1st $300, 2nd $200

Four Meats KCBS $1000 each category

1st $300

2nd $200

3rd $100

4th $100

5th through 10th $50


for team that choose to do Taste of BBQ Sales

Teams keep 100% of sales 

1st $600

2nd $400

3rd $200

4th $200

5th though 10th $100

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LIVE Judging
Both Havasu Landing and the Stagecoach BBQ Championships will feature LIVE In front of team site judging this year.
LIVE explained
In a effort to reward teams that do Taste of BBQ public sales we created LIVE
The judges, 12 or fewer arrive at the front of your booth after the last KCBS or IBCA turn in leaves. The team has 2 minutes to taste sample and tell their BBQ story
Judges scores are a combination of taste, booth appearance and presentation quality added together for a overall score
Comment by Thom Emery on January 14, 2015 at 8:58am

Our event is during spring break so hotels are at a premium 

BUT we have a deal if you act NOW 
Lake Havasu Hampton Inn
245 London Bridge Road
Lake Havasu City, AZ. 86405
Close to the boat dock 
Call 928.855.4071 ask for Beka Gails 
ask for the Havasu Landing Ca BBQ rate 
This discounted rate is only good for a week 
take advantage of it NOW
RV sites can be booked on the CA side 
through Havasu Landing Resort 
Comment by Thom Emery on March 10, 2015 at 10:30am

Havasu Landing Timeline 

1 Load In starts at 1 on Friday from the General Store Parking Lot 

   Its the biggest building in town nice little snack bar and gas pumps

   Great Breakfast Burrito 

2 Friday Night there will be festivities in the Landing 

3 Cooks Meeting 5PM Friday

4 Turn ins Chicken 11 AM, Ribs 1130AM, Pork 1200, Brisket 1230 

5 LIVE Judging starts at 1pm runs as long as necessary 

6 Taste of BBQ Sales start Saturday as soon as you have product and a will buyer

7 ALL LIVE teams will be have their booth open by 1245

8 LIVE Teams Keep 100% of proceeds

9 $1 $2 and $3 meats are at the Live Teams desecration 

10 Cups Napkins Spoons are to be supplied by the teams

11 Awards at 4 

12 Exit the Landing Saturday Evening or Sunday AM 

Comment by Thom Emery on March 10, 2015 at 10:37am


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