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Stagecoach Music Festival BBQ Championships

I will be off the site over the weekend Text is the best format to reach me during Stagecoach
The BBQ teams  and Judges vouchers  and then entry wristbands will be issued to the head cook who will then distribute vouchers for wristbands to team members not present 
Judges are each  on a separate exchange voucher for wrist band have your ID and give them your name at LOT 1 Ave 49 map below 
 Credentials  location  about where the word STAGECOACH is on Ave 49
in a huge white tent in LOT 1
You can see the ferris wheel next to the contest from LOT1 
The contest is in the white area just East of the Festival Entrance  on the map below 
Look for the ferris wheel 
Gate T into LOT 9 is what you are looking for 
Lot 15A is the best lot for day parking with out a parking pass 
It is a good walk account for that in your travel plans 

EMPIRE POLO CLUBLOT 1 (49th and Monroe)  


  • THURSDAY, APRIL 28th - 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • FRIDAY, APRIL 29th - 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • SATURDAY, APRIL 30th  - 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • SUNDAY, MAY 1st - 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Directions to LOT 1 (THURSDAY): 


From any direction on Interstate 10, exit Monroe St and head south.  Proceed 3.5 miles to Avenue 49.  Turn Right on Avenue 49.  Follow signs and turn Left into Lot 1. Proceed to large white tent at the end of the field.


Directions to LOT 1 (FRIDAY-SUNDAY): 


From any direction on Interstate 10, exit Washington St and head south.  Proceed 3.2 miles to Avenue 48.  Turn Left on Avenue 48.  Turn Right on Hjorth St.  Turn Left on Avenue 49th.  Follow signs and turn Right into Lot 1. Proceed to large white tent at the end of the field.  



Stagecoach  Music Festival BBQ Championship 
lven1000.jpg Coachella event map ours is very similar yet to be published
The BBQ contest is on the TERRACE a HIGH TRAFFIC location
Music Fest info here
Total of $5,000 Prize Fund Both Days Plus Awards and 2012 Entries 
Kingsford returns to Stagecoach Register and win extra dollars.. $500 if you use 20 of Kingsford in your cook 
        Reser's Joins the Party in a BIG way 
                     Resers Potato Salad Category Turn in 6 samples
                     cash prizes, Winners recipe and picture used in Resers promotional materials 
                      These forms MUST accompany turns or they will be disqualified     
                     Potato Salad will be presented in a supplied KCBS box KCBS garnish is allowed
At move in we maybe faced with two unmovable fences front and back on our 20X40 spaces
Like we were in 2010 The local authorities insisted on greater level of security 
Having a site plan that allows you to cooperate with you neighbor in placing your RVs
by combining your 20X40s into 40X40s and working together to share the space is wise
If we are faced with this again I wasn't told last year until load in started
Load in will be fun :)
-All Non Taste of BBQ Teams probable no public frontage 
 Partner teams will be behind the matched team in 90 foot deep section 
Two teams in a 90 by 20 space 10 work zone in the middle so it is still 20 X 40
 HH is 20 amp spider box 30 Amp is a 30 AMP RV plug 
West L
1 Low Belly  HH or 20 amp
2 Blue Moon Saloon HH
3 Master of Disaster HH
4 Fireman Pete 30 Amp 
5 El Fuego Fiasco 30 Amp RV
6 Meat Inc 30 Amp
7 Big Daddy Blacks 30 amps
8 BLQUE HH amps
9 All Sauced Up HH amps
South Front Row ALL 30 Amps
16 T an Js BBQ 
17 Pork U 
18 Pig Candy
19 Smokey Bones
20 Roof Top 
21 When Pigs Fly
22 Papas Smokehouse
23 IAB 30
24 No Bad Days 
25 Walleys BBQ 1
26 Cowboy Way
27 Here's the Rub
28 Rib Tickler 1
42 Rib Tickler 2
Second Row no public facing 
Behind the South side row ALL 30 Amp
30 Thoms RV ( behind T and J )
31 James RV ( behind Pork U)
32 Kyles BBQ ( Behind Pig Candy)
33 ( behind smokey bones)
35 Pip n Hot ( behind When Pigs Fly)
36 Bub Bob Haulin Butt BBQ ( behind Papas )
37 Otis and the Bird ( behind IAB 30)
38 Series of Small Fires (behind No Bad)
39 Wally 2 (lines up behind Walley 1)
40 Four King  ( behind Cowboy Way)

Sunday KCBS Championship 

Series Contest 

Grand Champion: $750 Gold Record 

Reserve Champion: $250 Gold Record 

KCBS Categories 

Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket categories as follows: 

lst place: $350 Gold Record Award 

2nd place: $250 and  pin

3rd place: $150

4th  place: $50

5th  place: $50

6th place $50

7th place $50 

8th place $50 


Total Cash Amount: $5000 

Stagecoach Best Booth and Show 

1 st place free entry in 2012 Stagecoach, Gold Record Award, 2nd through 8 Pins


Stagecoach Taste of BBQ 3 0Z cups as judged by the KCBS certified judges 

1st place free entry in 2012, Gold Record Award , 2nd through 8 Pins


Additional  parking you may want to consider these folks 

                   Pick Up Event Wrist Bands LOT 1 AVE 49 (map above) 
                   Load In starts at 11 AM
                   Travel South down Monroe St turn right on Ave 51 
                   Turn Right into Gate T into LOT 9 off of AVE 51
                   Just East of the Festival walking Entrance 
                    Friday Night Pot Luck at 8 PM 
Saturday 30 April 
                   Taste of BBQ Vending from Noon until 4PM Awards
                     KCBS Judges Class for 18 All Stagecoach CBJs will attend 10 to 2PM       
                     CBJ students and helper report at 930 AM to the HUGE center tent 
                     It has a place sectioned off for  judging 
                     Best Taste of BBQ Saturday Judging Turn In at 3 PM
                     Put 6 of the 3oz Tastes of BBQ in front of the CBJs 
                     Free Entry 2012 to Winner Items submitted must be available in booth 
                     Resers Potato Salad Category 
                    Turn in at 230PM
                     One KCBS standard box with at least 12 oz set in the middle of the container
                      KCBS Garnish Optional
                      cash prizes, Winners recipe and picture used in Resers promotional materials 
                      These forms MUST accompany turns or they will be disqualified     
                 Stagecoach Best Booth and Show Category 
                     Free Entry 2012 to Winner  Judged after 330 Saturday
Sunday 1 May    
                Taste of BBQ Vending from Noon until 4 PM Awards
                        KCBS Four Meat California Stage Championship 
                         Traditional turn in times starting at 12    
                         CBJs report at 1030 
Monday 2 May
                 Teams may exit from 2 AM on
Gold Record Awards for the winners Gold Record lapel pins for 2 through 10  
Entry Fees $375  payable by check or money order with your entry form
                  for each 20 frontage team space
                  20 X 40 foot deep includes 4 festival tickets
Taste of BBQ Vending 
                 If teams choose to do Taste of BBQ vending
                $400 for 1000 $3.00 3 OZ Tastes Stagecoach branded containers 
                 you keep the cash Plus two more event tickets
                 Taste Teams are limited to the 1000 branded containers 

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Comment by Dale Ginos on January 9, 2011 at 7:09pm
Thom, is the picket fence also immovable during load-in, or can it temporarily be moved to park the RV?
Comment by Thom Emery on January 9, 2011 at 7:41pm

There is no guarantee the picket fence can be moved 

I would bet on NOT moving it 


Comment by Thom Emery on January 10, 2011 at 4:47pm

One per team just like last year 


Comment by Leslie Klinke on March 27, 2011 at 6:50pm

Hi Thom,

1. Do you have a site map for the teams yet. If I park my Motorhome right on the back line will I have room to get compartment doors open?  

    It will be posted soon I do not have it yet

2. Are you providing fork and napkins for PC or Just Cups?

     Just the cups are provided

3. Will each teamm recieve there 1000 cups all at once or will it be 500 per day?

      Probably 1000 on Saturday early  AM 

4. Are you providing Ice, if so how much? If not can it be bought on site and what is the cost and quanity?

        The entry form stated 2 20 pound bags of ice I believe correct me if I am  wrong

         Yes more is available It was $5 for a 20 pound bag in the past 

          Costco is just a few miles away on Hwy 111

          Sams is about 13 miles away at the Monterey exit off I10

          Overnight RV parking is allowed at this Sams          Thom

Comment by Thom Emery on April 9, 2011 at 11:25am

Meat inspection for the Sunday Contest will be on Saturday 

I would NOT plan on leaving the festival Saturday  to buy meat for the Sunday contest

Bring it with you when you come to town 


Comment by Pete Lent on April 18, 2011 at 1:52pm
Thanks, last question (I hope, but doubt it  :-)  )  Will potable water be available nearby the BBQ area?
Comment by Thom Emery on April 18, 2011 at 2:21pm

I am told yes

We may have to string a number of hoses together to reach 

There will be sinks so there has to be water 

Comment by Dale Ginos on April 19, 2011 at 4:49pm
Standard as in KCBS or standard as in IBCA?  Greens, no greens, particular greens? 
Comment by Thom Emery on April 19, 2011 at 6:08pm
This is a KCBS contest we will use KCBS rules
Comment by Thom Emery on April 22, 2011 at 3:33pm

I have not heard about any changes to our previous 4 years set up with out 

screen walls If you have em bring em the HD works in mysterious ways 

They were required at Palm Springs that was the first time we were asked

to get them in here in the Coachella Valley 


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