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Judges entry form above

 Prize Funds 2016 

Friday Baby Backs 

1 $300 Gold Record 

2 $200 Medals through 15th

3 $100 

4 through 11 $50

12-15 Medal

Saturday Two Half Chickens 

1 $300 Gold Record 

2 $200 Medals through 15th

3 $100 

4 through 11 $50

12-15 Medal

Spare Ribs (St Luis cut ok)

1 $300 Gold Record 

2 $200 Medals through 15th

3 $100 

4 through 11 $50

12-15 Medal 

Beef Brisket 

1 $300 Gold Record 

2 $200 Medals through 15th

3 $100 

4 through 11 $50

12-15 Medal

Grand Champ $600 and Gold Record

Reserve Grand Champ $400 and Gold Record



1 $300 Gold Record 

2 $200 Medals through 15th

3 $100 

4 through 11 $50

12-15 Medal 

2016 listed in post below below

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Comment by Thom Emery on January 26, 2016 at 11:46am

Draw 2016 

First row load in at 1 o'clock 

Space number 

1/2 Emery Championship BBQ* 

3/4 Twisted Brisket*

5 Ol Blue*

6 Smokin Mos*

7 Dirty Harry*

8 Smokin Harts*  (Late arrival)

9 Master of Disaster*

10 Dia De Los Puerrcos*

50 Amp Area  $900

Second Row West 2 PM Load In

11 BBQ Babes*

12 Smoke Gets in your "Is"

13 999 BBQ

14 Hickory and Spice*

xx Judges Tent

15 Event Office

16 When Pigs Fly 

20X40 Spaces  $600

Second Row East 230 PM Load In

17A Lowbelly 30 Amp

17B Event Staff 30 Amp

18A Gerry Tarsitano

18B Smoke and Mirrors

19A Shig Ninja

19B Smokey Bones

20X50 spaces $700

3rd Row 3PM Load In

20 Piggy Bank

21 A Series of Small Fires

22 Pure BS

23 Cool Grilling

24 Smokin Money

25 All About the Q

26 Greesy Reesy

27 OBDs Ribticklen BBQ

28 Smoking Token BBQ

29 The Smokin Trinity 

30 Pig Pusher

31 Big Red BBQ

32 No Known Cure

33 Auggie's Twilight

Comment by Thom Emery on January 26, 2016 at 11:57am

2016 Judges 

1 Robert Stouffer

2 September Stouffer

3 Tom Moore

4 Jeanie Moore

5 Rick Sherwood

6 Wendy Sherwood

7 Josh Bonner 

8 Angella Bonner 

9 Lee Osborne

10 Nancy Osborne 

11 Jason Miranda

12 Nona Miranda 

2016 Staff

1 Thom Emery*

2 Kathy Emery*

3 Katy Emery*

4 Kelly MacIntosh* 

5 Kathleen MacIntosh*

6 Bill Emery*

7 Janet Profeta*

8 Karen Lopez

9 Kiko Garza



Self ticketed 

1 Greg Thorpe

2 Debby Thorpe

3 Diane Soto 

4 Jeff Laddusaw

Comment by Thom Emery on February 2, 2016 at 10:56am

Read all Number 5 is the biggest change 

This past weekend there was a Board of Directors meeting of the IBCA Board. Several things were decided including some new rule changes. I am going to explain each of them here. Please read carefully and if you have any questions feel free to contact a board member or myself. Keep in mind you are reading this here first. It will take a few days to make all the changes on the IBCA web site. Patience on that is requested. This post will be monitored and when needed comments or replies may be made by IBCA board members. Comments are welcome however rudeness and/or bashing will not be tolerated. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

1. Effective Now: The following sentence will be added to Judging Tray Contents. All three meats Chicken, Pork Spare Ribs and Brisket are required to be turned in meat side up.

2. Effective Now: IBCA Head Judges will be asked to announce winners using the following format. Chicken, Ribs, Brisket first then any and all ancillary (beans, opens, jackpots etc.) categories. After the last category the Head judge will announce the top ten winners overall. Starting with 10th place thru RGC ending with GC.

3. Effective Now: Announcing Winners. A sentence will be added that says "The actual ticket will have to be physically present for verification. Photos or copies will not be accepted for verification. 

4. Effective Now: IBCA will recognize a Cook of the Year based on points earned Sept 1 thru Aug 31 of each year. Cook of the Year points will be accumulated based strictly on the points that are earned at an IBCA event. There will be no multipliers based on size of contest. You must be an IBCA member at the time of the event to earn points. At the end of of the contest year the top 10 winners will be awarded a prize to be announced. All points accrued from Sept 1st 2015 thru now will be adjusted to reflect this new point system. Any ties will be broken the same as at a cook off. Brisket will be first tie breaker, then ribs, then chicken, then Pork Butt. If this does not break a tie then the BOD will decide the tie breaker.

5. Effective March 1st 2016 each turn in tray at an IBCA sanctioned event will consist of 2 half chickens, 9 pork spare ribs and 9 slices of brisket. 

6. Effective March 1st the rule concerning brisket slices will be changed from "Brisket seven (7) full slices, approximately 1/4″ to 3/8” thick to read "Brisket nine (9) full slices recommended 1/4" to 3/8" thick.

7. Effective March 1st. IBCA will only recognize the top 10 places in determining the GC and RGC. Points will awarded as 1 point for 10th place up to 10 points for 1st place. This will be done at all IBCA events regardless of the number of places called. 

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support. The BOD discussed each of these issues along with many others. I am happy to say that there was a strong majority of the BOD members that supported these changes. I thank each of them for their time and work.


Craig Sharry
IBCA Executive Director

Comment by Thom Emery on April 8, 2016 at 3:45pm

link to local traffic route map above 

Full Thursday  load in instructions early next week 

Comment by Thom Emery on April 18, 2016 at 7:56pm

Desert Fire Ext will be on site Friday to renew tags and charge units $15 base price 

Dale Frailey
Fire Marshal
Coachella Music Festival & Stagecoach Music Festival

The City of Indio Fire Services/Riverside County Fire Department would like to welcome you as participants to the Coachella Music Festival & Stagecoach Music Festival. We hope your stay in Indio will be a pleasant one.
The City of Indio Fire Services/Riverside County Fire Department will conduct fire inspections for all concessions, and enforce fire protection standards for the Festival. Inspections will consist of certifying that all participants in the Festival have met the required standards. All concessions and exhibits will be inspected on or before opening day. Those exhibits and concessions, which do not meet the minimum fire safety standards on the day of inspection, will be required to comply prior to conducting business.
The following is a list of the most common fire safety violations that the fire inspectors will be checking for:
Minimum of one (1) fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 2A10BC, with a California State Fire Marshal approved service tag that reflects a current inspection date, shall be required for each concession using any type of open flame device. The inspection date shall be within the last twelve months.
Multi-plug connections, frayed/broken electrical extension cords, or cords with less than 12-gage wiring are prohibited.
All L.P.G. tanks (empty or full) shall be secured with a small chain or other approved device and kept a safe distance from open flame. L.P.G. tanks can be placed into plastic milk crates for protection.
Cooking that requires the use of a deep fat fryer(s) shall provide a minimum of one Class K portable fire extinguisher. Class K extinguisher shall be a minimum of 1.5 gallon in capacity.
No portable generators will be allowed. All power needed for your booth shall be provided by the event electrical contractor.
Outdoor cooking that produces sparks or grease-laden vapors shall not be performed inside the booths.
All cooking devices shall be in good working condition. All cooking equipment shall be restricted to UL approved commercial cooking appliances only.
All cooking devices shall be on a flat stable surface.
If wood, charcoal or any other type of approved solid burning material is utilized, the material shall be stored away from any combustible material and usage shall be confined to a cooking device designed for such use/material. All hot material shall be disposed of in a proper container designed for the hot material. Hot material shall not be stored near combustible material. There shall be a method in place to prevent any combustible material from coming in direct contact with the discarded hot material.
Portable vendor carts shall be prohibited from the use of any combustible liquid or gas fuel for the purpose of providing lighting to said carts.
Please remember that the City of Indio Fire Services/Riverside County Fire Department’s primary concern is your safety. If these fire safety rules are followed we should have a safe and enjoyable Music Festival. If you have any questions, please call the Indio Fire Prevention office at (760) 347-0756.


Captain Dale Frailey
Fire Marshal
Rev. 3/10

Comment by Thom Emery on April 20, 2016 at 11:31am








Stagecoach 2016 Turn-in Times


All boxes shall be turned in with the attached ticket on the top of the box. All boxes shall have one piece of foil (supplied) neatly placed in the bottom of the box without folding it. No pooling, puddling, or dripping of sauce or other liquids is allowed. Garnishes or condiments are not permitted.



PORK LOIN BACK RIBS 2:00PM (1:50pm-2:10pm)

Nine (9) Loin Back (Baby Back) Ribs individually cut bone in. No country style ribs. Ribs should be placed meat side up, horizontally (parallel to the hinge) with 5 ribs on the bottom and 4 ribs stacked directly on top.



CHICKEN 12:00PM (11:50am-12:10pm)

Two (2) ½ fully jointed (uncut) chickens, must include a breast, wing (including the tip), thigh and drumstick with the skin on. Should be placed in the tray cut side down.

Box will be a Genpak SN270 13”x10”x3”


PORK SPARE RIBS 1:00PM (12:50pm-1:10pm)

Nine (9) Pork Spare Ribs individually cut bone in (St. Louis cut acceptable). No baby backs or country style ribs. Ribs should be placed meat side up, horizontally (parallel to the hinge) with 5 ribs on the bottom and 4 ribs stacked directly on top.



BRISKET 2:00PM (1:50pm-2:10pm)

Nine (9) full slices approximately ¼” to 3/8” thick. If slices are too thick you will be sent back to re-slice. All blocking must be done before cooking. The fat cap may be trimmed or cut away before the slices are placed into the tray. Slices should be placed horizontally (parallel to the hinge) in the tray.

Comment by Thom Emery on April 25, 2016 at 5:38am's%20Guide.pdf

Riverside Co Health Dept Requirements for Public Sales Teams 


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